Does Aloe vera help Sunburn

    Over exposure to the sun’s UV rays causes damage to the skin tissues and results in reddish and painful skin. When over exposed to sun, the UV rays pass to the inner dermis layer through the outer epidermis layer and causes damage by dehydrating the inner dermis layer. This results in sunburn ranging from mild, painless redness to severe, painful fiery red and in severe cases with blistering eruptions. Sunburn always goes with many other symptoms like dizziness, chills, fever, dehydration and the worst thing is the peeling of the skin as it heals. Sunburn is also accompanied with premature ageing and skin cancer as the UV light has the ability to damage DNA in the dermal cells.

    Depending on the pigmentation of the skin, strength of the sunlight and the duration of exposure, the severity of sunburn vary. The chances of sunburn are high in redheads and blonds and less in dark skinned persons. Mild sunburn begins six to twelve hours after exposure to sun and gets severe within twenty four hours. After a couple of days, the severity decreases and mild tan occurs. Later on, it usually takes two weeks for a protective tan to appear. In case of severe sunburn, the burn begins six to twelve hours after exposure to sun but skin changes occurs within one to two days. In this case, the skin becomes very sensitive and extremely painful. In worst cases, fluid filled blisters appear with peeling skin. In some cases even scarring might occur.

    Aloe vera sunburnAloe vera is a well known natural medicine for treating sunburns. The inner part of the Aloe vera leaf is the Aloe gel and this gel contains large number of nutrients like vitamin A, B, C, E, Folic acid and minerals which are necessary for cooling and healing. The Aloe gel has anti-Inflammatory, analgesic property in it and this helps in cooling, pain relief respectively. The gel also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property. In case of sunburn, take a fresh leaf of Aloe vera, cut it open, take the Aloe gel and apply directly on the affected part. The leaf can also be applied directly on the skin by just peeling off the top layer and fixing it directly on the affected area with bandage. For a faster relief, soak the bandage with Aloe juice often to keep it wet. This gives an instant cooling effect and healing when applied with regular intervals. Aloe leaf when refrigerated gives enhanced cooling effect. It is advisable to mix Aloe juice with vitamin E and apply on the affected part to balance the astringent quality. If you would like to grow Aloe vera plant at your home, check how to grow aloe vera plant

    Fresh Aloe vera gel from Aloe vera leaf is the excellent remedy for sunburn. Combining gel with natural herbs or Vitamin E will produce better and faster relief. In case if you don’t have fresh Aloe leaf you can try one of these products that are available in the market.

    Aloe gel: When using Aloe gel from market, make sure the gel is pure and fresh. Adultered gel might increase the severity of burn because of the added preservatives and additives.
    There are plenty of Aloe vera gels available in the market and we found Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel to be one of the best Aloe Vera gels. Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel is not 100% Aloe Vera, it has other ingredients like Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E) and Carbomer added to it. Carbomer is a synthetic thickener to change the consistency of the gel. Based on our research, there is no other 100% pure Aloe vera gel available in the US market even though there are plenty of products that claim to be 100% aloe vera gel. Product manufacturers generally add other ingredients like preservatives, Vitamin E, Fragrances. If you come to know of a 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel, please inform us in comments.

    CureNatural is another great product, but it’s little pricy. It’s from a Japanese cosmetic company. CureNatural has Aloe vera, Rosemary and Gingko as its major ingredients. CureNatural is one of the top selling beauty products in Amazon.

    Skin Gel is a great product made of organic Aloe Vera. Skin Gel can be applied even on scalp. It has less 1% skin nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

    Aloe lotion and Aloe cream: Many sun screen lotions and creams contain Aloe as the main ingredient in combination with other sun screen ingredients. When you buy Aloe lotions, do not forget to see the amount of Aloe vera contained in the lotion as many products do not have enough amount of aloe to produce significant result.

    Aloe drinks: Aloe juice is bitter in taste and not many people are comfortable with the taste. Aloe is available as drinks in combination with other soothing and healing agents like lemon juice and camomile. Again do not forget to see the amount of Aloe added, as many drinks contain less Aloe with mostly sugar and water.

    Some of the best Aloe vera juice you can buy.

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